Thursday, February 21, 2008

HzFM Playlist & Archived MP3 - 02.20.08

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Playlist for 2.20.2008
Hosted by: Kelly

-Promute "Rast Figment" from Rast Figment on Blondena Music
-Mathieu Levesque "Nouvelle Maternite" from Montreal Sound Matter on Pogus Productions
-The Psychic Paramount "Ex-Visitations" from The Franco-Italian Tour on Public Guilt
-Concentrick "Lucid Moments" from Lucid Dreaming on Emperor Jones
-Accelera Deck "Sunstrings" from Sunstrings EP on Scarcelight
-Malcolm Goldstein & Masashi Harada "Soil Under Tree" from Soil on Emanem Records
-Tommy Birchett "Frogscrtch" from Radio Cube self produced/Broadcastatic
-KK Null "5:39" from Atomik Disorder on Neurot Recordings
-Lasse Marhaug "Soft Shell Crab" from Nervous Nurse compilation
-Fe-Mail "Navrattan Korma" from Blixter Toad on Asphodel
-Stephen Vitiello "Dorm Ant (GTR)" from Emit Two Creative Industries
-Chefkirk "72203309" from Nervous Nurse compilation
-31 Down "Evenings and Weekends...Free: Empire State Building" from Crossed Circuits free103point9 Transmission Artists
-Francisco Lopez "Untitled 188 [excerpt]" from Montreal Sound Matter on Pogus Productions
-Black Dice "Manoman" from Load Blown on Paw Tracks

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