Friday, February 29, 2008

HzFM Playlist & Archived MP3 - 02.27.08

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Playlist 2.27.08

-Clouddead "Son of Gun" 'Ten' (mush)
-Cobra Killer "Cobra Z" 'Cobra Killer' (DHR)
-Kit Clayton "Untitled 2" 'Lateral Forces' (Vertical Form)
-Growing "Anaheim II" 'The Soul of the Rainbow & Harmony of Light' (Kranky)
-Bonnie Jones "Body 2" 'Vines' (emr-records)
-Luasa Raelon "Binary Solutions" 'Consumed Within The Years of Lead' (PacRec)
-Prafix Aztech "Waif's Home" 'Good News! Good News! Sweet Chariot is Coming' (Organic Pipeline)
-Hideaki Shimada "Phos" 'Intransitive Twenty-Three' (Intansitive)
-Ryfylke "Uven" 'Boknafjord' (Roggbif)
-Jazkamer & Smegma "Portland Swamps" 'Endless Coast' (NoFun)
-Cobra Killer "High is the Pine" '76/77' (Monika)
-Praew Jik "Auxiliary Lotus Experience" 'Providence and the Pounding Fist' (Smell the Stench)
-Merzbow "Bariken" 'Bariken' (Blossoming Noise)
-Idio Savant feat. Marty McCavitt & Paul Watson "Escape from Trick Vans #6" 'Shakers in a Tantrum Landscape' (Artifacts, 1979)
-Mammal "Drifter in the City" 'Lonesome Drifter'
-A.M. Salad "Untitled" 'Vivid Confusions' (Sloth-Jinni)

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