Saturday, October 21, 2006

HzCollective Members

HzCollective meeting no.1, CVL, 9.16.07

The HzCollective thus far includes:

Aurie Hsu
: Aurie likes all sounds from the piano, from simply striking the keys to using ebows to wind-up toys. She is looking forward to long and sumptuous recording sessions with the Pinko Communoids. Aurie dances with Fire in the Belly, a tribal-fusion belly dance troupe and is acting director of the World and Experimental Arts Group (WeArts), an organization that seeks to promote a community of multi-media and interdisciplinary artists working in the scope of the cultural and experimental arts in Charlottesville.

Wendy Hsu
: Wendy Hsu is a noise maker working with electric guitar and accordion mostly. She prepares these stock instruments by putting found objects such as alligator clips, paper clips, clothespin, and felt on the instruments and plays them with bows, brushes, mallets, and other percussive objects. She plays in an improvised music trio with Carey and Kevin as Pinko Communoids. She hopes to make visible/audible minority artists in improvised and experimental music. Her interests include: multimedia, collaboration, site-specific performances, performance art, noise pop, art activism, eco-noise, etc.

Kelly Nourse
: [Bio coming soon]

Kevin Parks
: [Bio coming soon]

Carey Sargent
: Carey Sargent is a percussive noise maker, encouraging tones to rise and sing from wood, metal, skin and plastics that are more used to being struck. Performing in an experimental improv trio from Charlottesville, Virginia called Pinko Communoids, she works these sounds into a relationship with the circuit bent pedals and gizmos of Kevin Parks and the guitar manipulations of Wendy Hsu. To Carey, Hz Collective is an experiment in collective networking that builds local community and support for experimental noise in order to contribute to a global experimental noise movement.

Kenneth Yates
: Kenneth Yates resides in Richmond, Virginia. A former organizer and co-founder of the 804noise Richmond Experimental Collective [ ] which is part of an international network of experimental media collectives based on their arecodes, ie. (areacode)noise [ ]. 804noise disbanded in early 2007. Kenneth also performs solo as Caustic Castle, often collaborating with Eric Eaton who provides visuals, and as Inescts With Tits with Roger Smith aka Chefkirk. His first and longest running project was Harm Stryker with Kelly Nourse aka ConstantMauk.

Jonathan Zorn
: Jonathan Zorn is a composer/sound artist/performer currently living in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to make sounds using his voice, double bass, accordion, modular synthesizer, and computer. His compositions involve systems of interaction that exceed the control of any single participant, creating surprises for performers, audience, and composer. Jonathan maintains several ongoing collaborative projects with artists and performers around the country including Rachel Thompson, David Kendall, Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks, and Katherine Young.

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