Monday, February 18, 2008

Gallery5, T.O.W.A.R. & HzCollective Present: Repressed III

Gallery5, HzCollective & T.O.W.A.R. Presents: Repressed III [ ] an evening of socially conscious art work and awareness thru, interactive installations, print works, sculpture, video, improvised noise and avant garde music.
Friday March 7, 2008
7:00pm - Midnight
200 W. Marshall St
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Opening Reception Begins 7:00pm
Music Begins 9:00pm
FREE [ donations welcome ]
Phone: 804 644 0005
Performers Include:

Pacific Before Tiger (NC)

Amrita K. Dang (Baltimore, MD)

Cars Will Burn (Philadelphia, PA)

Caustic Castle + Jason Talbot + CliffordSchwing w/ video by Eric Eaton (Richmond, VA)


Amrita K. Dang
hails from Baltimore, MD projects alternating
particles of Indian and American sounds through sitar, vocals, and
electronics. A mix of prayers and spells, the hopeful and the dismal,
animate and inanimate.

Cars Will Burn
like the hindenburg. Cars Will Burn is Mark Price / Mark Price is Cars Will Burn. A spectacle of lights and abrasive hypnotizing sound. It's like looking into a supernova, and hearing the sound of your eyes baking because of it. The experience is so mesmerizing you don't realize your about to die, or maybe you just don't care. Regardless it will change your life, perhaps even literally. Step right up! See and hear for yourself!

Caustic Castle
is Kenneth Yates, also of the duo's Harm Stryker (w/ Constant Mauk) & Insects With Tits (w/ Chefkirk). Kenneth Yates utilizes the no-input mixing technique coupled with live processing using various filters and pedals. With his music usually comes an abstract visual fascination with architecture and is psyhogeographical effects on the human psyche. Inspired by past revolutionary art and social movements like DaDa & the Situationiste Internationale, he struggles to find a parallel between art, sound & social unrest, or just perhaps provide a sort of soundtrack to it all.

Jason Talbot
performs and records solo, modifying a single turntable with minimal preparations to create a cascading wall of noise and subtle, creaking musique concrete.

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