Thursday, February 14, 2008

[RADIO] HzFM Playlist 2.13.2008

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Playlist for 2.13.2008
Hosted By: Kenneth Yates

-Andrew Deutsch & Stephen Vitiello "Untitled 3" 'Inductive Music' (absurd)
-Metek "wastedIII" 'chefkirk/metek' split cdr (n/a records)
-Under Byen "Den Her Sang Handler Om At Fa Det Bedste Ud Af Det" 'Samme Stof Som Stof'
-Fenaison "Interrelations A" 'Plat' (Ambiances Magnetiques)
-Winters in Osaka "Satyrs' Birth" 'red tooth, red claw' (ps-two)
-Ice Volt "Recorded Live at The Church May 27, 2007" (roil noise)
-Swans "untitled" 'Love of Life'
-Huggy Bear "Prayer" 'Taking the Rough With The Smooch' (Kill Rock Stars)
-Ickie E Ones aka DraculaValucard "Untitled No.2"
-Matthew Welch + Craig Colorusso "Untitled" 'Rusted Breath Quiet Hands' (Mudd)
-PraewJik "Electrique" 'Lucid Window' (Net-Release on Smell the Stench)
-Huggy Bear "February 14th" 'Our Troubled Youth' Split with Bikini Kill (KRS)
-Mad Holy Cow Disease vs. The Adjective Noun "O.S.D.A.T.A.C." (954noise)

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