Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NanoHz 32 - Benjamin O'Brien

Saturday, Nov. 14th

8 PM

$5 suggested donation

The Bridge PAI

209 Monticello Rd

Charlottesville, VA

Composer/performer Benjamin O’Brien will present his recent work for instrumentalists and interactive electronics with performers Danna Thomas and Brandon Walsh. In addition, he will perform with his computer instruments in improvisatory settings with members of the HzCollective.

Benjamin O’Brien

Benjamin O’Brien composes and performs both acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Specifically, he is interested in composing works which are finite with respect to the sound sources and transformation procedures, but indeterminate in their performance of such operations. Benjamin studied composition and improvisation with Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Frith, John D’Earth, Michael Rosensky, and Ted Coffey. Benjamin’s compositions have been performed in the US, France, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, and New Zealand.

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