Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HzCollective Presents: Norwegian Experimental Sound & Visual

HzCollective Presents: an evening of experimental audio/visuals as part of an on going push to bring experimental and avant garde arts to Richmond and Charlottesville's progressive arts community.

November 25, 2009
@ Ghostprint Gallery
228 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220
$3 to $5 [suggested donation]

Peformances include:

::::Caustic Castle [rva/hzcollective/804noise]
::::Sten Ove Toft [oslo, norway]
::::Jon Eriksen [new haven, norway]

About us:

Sten Ove Toft is one of the leading artists in the Norwegian noise
scene. Apart from being an active solo artist, Toft has also validated
himself through such significant projects as Ryfylke, Röyskatt,
Waffelpung and others. He's also worked with Lasse Marhaug, Anders
Hana, Stian Westerhus, Serena Maneesh and The Low Frequency In Stereo. Toft has performed over 200 concerts and has participated in over 50 releases, on labels all over the world.

Swedish noise musician and visual artist Jon Eriksen has since 1999
been playing improvised sets at venues and galleries in Austria,
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway,
Sweden, and USA. His music connects as much to harsh noise as to
extreme forms of electronica and electroacoustic music. His music has
been released on labels in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands,
Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the UK.

Caustic Castle is the solo project of Kenneth Yates b. 1978, an American experimental musician, improviser and organizer from Richmond, Virginia. Experimenting with the no-input mixing technique, Kenneth uses the equalizer controls on the mixing board to tame the frequencies and sculpt the sound while applying various effects, filters and other electronic processing. Since 2000, Kenneth has performed in several experimental projects such as Harm Stryker [2000-2007], a politically and socially charged duo with Kelly Nourse of ConstantMauk; Insects with Tits [2006-present], a no-input duo with Roger H. Smith of Chefkirk with an underlying theme of Vegan action; and Never Work[2007-present]., a duo with Baltimore electro-acoustic artist Cory O'brien of Myo.

Kenneth has also collaborated live with artists such as Wendy Hsu, Carey Sargeant, Kevin Parks, Marty McCavitt, Darius Jones, Bonnie Jones, Stian Skagen, Clifford Schwing, Eric Eaton, Scott Allison, Chuck Bettis, Mark Price, and Jason Talbot.

Noise music, like the other important abstract nouns in the history of culture, is not a term meant to be defined, but a field to be explored. Through that exploration, the nature of noise and experimental music becomes inherently political. With Caustic Castle, sometimes comes an abstract fascination with architecture and its psycho geographical effects on the human psyche, and the role it can play in ones livelihood when actions are stunted by the burdens of capitalism. Inspired by past revolutionary movements such as DaDa, Surrealism, & the Situationiste Internationale, Caustic Castle struggles to find a parallel between art, sound, and social unrest, ultimately subscribing to the idea that it's sometimes better to ask questions, than claim to have all the answers.

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