Friday, March 13, 2009

Hz Collective Presents: Nano-Hz No. 19, 3/22, CVL @ The Bridge PAI

Hz Collective Presents: Nano-Hz No. 19

Feat. Alexi Borisov, Moscow; Violet, DC; Never Work, Balt./Richmond; Yuri Spitsyn, CVL; The Bubastis Project, CVL.

Bridge PAI - 209 Montecello Rd. Charlottesville, VA
March 22, 2009
$5 suggested donation


Making music on the fringe since the underground movement ignited in
Russia in the beginning 80s, Alexei Borisov has developed an
impressively diverse body of work as a member of NIGHT PROSPEKT,
F.R.U.I.T.S. and VOLGA, among many other projects.

Born in Moscow on December 7, 1960, Alexei Borisov graduated the
Moscow State University where he had studied History and Arts. His
controversial performing career (as a guitarist) began in the CENTER
new-wave group, in 1980. Next year, he formed the PROSPEKT mod-band.
And re-loaded it in 1985 as the shifting NIGHT PROSPEKT with
then-partner Ivan Sokolovsky. After the actual dissolution of the band
in the beginning 90s, he surfaced then in the "noise reconstruction
and techno acoustics" duo F.R.U.I.T.S. with Pavel Zhagun (also known
as PIEZO) and in various short-lived art/noise/industrial acts like


Jeff Surak, aka Violet, is Washington DC's resident master of drone
and proprietor of the Zeromoon record label. He uses unconventional
sound sources (dry ice, warped turntables, autoharp, etc) to layer
successive walls of noise into gargantuan citadels of shimmering
light. Since 2006 he programs the annual Sonic Circuits Festival.


Never work is a collaboration between Caustic Castle and Myo.

Caustic Castle - Caustic Castle is the solo project of Kenneth Yates b. 1978, an American experimental musician, improviser and organizer from Richmond, Virginia. Experimenting with the no-input mixing technique, Kenneth uses the equalizer controls on the mixing board to tame the frequencies and sculpt the sound while applying various effects, filters and other electronic processing. Since 2000, Kenneth has performed in several experimental projects such as Harm Stryker [2000-2007], a politically and socially charged duo with Kelly Nourse of ConstantMauk; Insects with Tits [2006-present], a no-input duo with Roger H. Smith of Chefkirk with an underlying theme of Vegan action; and Never Work[2007-present]., a duo with Baltimore electro-acoustic artist Cory O'brien of Myo.

Myo - Cory O’Brien born 1980. Self taught hacker, computer musician, and electro-acoustic improviser who works with digitally processed voice and objects. Described by Vital Weekly as "louder, dirtier, gritty and angular, but still with ingredients of microsound."Collaborates with Kenneth Yates (as Never Work), Jeff Surak, video artist Metaphreaq, visual artist Jesse Hartgraves (as Clouds-Out). Living in Maryland.


Yuri Spitsyn is an electronic and instrumental music composer/performer
who is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Virginia.
Of his prime interests are the real-time performative systems, concurrent
temporalities, volatile perceptual regions and tangibility of electronic
music performance. Among the venues he performed at are Ars Electronica
Center (Linz, Austria), Melkweg/STEIM (Amsterdam, Netherland),
Tonic (New York, USA), DOM (Moscow, Russia), Central Conservatory of
Music (Bejing, China) etc. He is a cofounder of the Theremin Center for
Electroacoustic Music at the Moscow Conservatory and worked as a technical
director at the Bregman Electronic Music Studio at the Dartmouth College.

The Bubastis Project | CVL

The Bubastis Project is a collaboration between Lanier Sammons, Gerrit Roessler, Bob Holub , and Matt Lerner incorporating acoustic instruments, electronics and other found objects.

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