Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fwd: PUBLIC RECORD: Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor Vol 3

Dear Friends,

We have released on Public Record the third collection of one-minute audio responses to the question: What is the sound of the war on the poor? This instalment in the series features recordings from the below contributors and can be linked to directly at;

Emily Abendroth, Philadelphia
Dieter Behr & Peter Sihorsch-Jenseide, Vienna
Toshiro Bishoko, Marseille
Željko Blaće, Čapljina
Deison, Udine
Pawan Dhall, Kolkata
Fax, Mexicali
Field Of The Neo-Futurist Collective, Brighton
Hopen, Geneva
I Cut People, Santa Rosa
Manrico Montero, México City
Duncan Speakman, Bristol
Kevin Van Meter | Team Colors, Pacific Northwest
The Vectorist, London
Adern X, Pistoia

All contributions will be available for free download at and are licensed under Creative Commons. Stay tuned for the fourth instalment in the upcoming month.

Also, if you know other artists, activists, musicians or organizers who may want to contribute to this project, please ask them: What is the sound of the war on the poor?

In solidarity,
Dont Rhine

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