Sunday, March 9, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: NanoHz No. 11 - 3.23.2008 @ McGuffey Art Center, CVL

HzCollective presents NanoHz No.11: Live Dark Sounds


+ Courtney Brown: voice, computer (Lebanon, NH) solo + trio Wendy Hsu & Bob Holub: accordion (CVL)
+ Feralcatscan vs Khate: electronics (Newport News, VA)
+ Kevin Parks: electronics, guitar (CVL) & Jonathan Zorn: electronics (CVL)

Sunday, March 23, 7pm
McGuffey Art Center, studio 11
201 Second Street NW
Charlottesville VA 22902
suggested donation $5

// Courtney Brown //
Courtney Brown is a composer, vocalist, accordionist, and computer programmer using electronics to question the boundaries of performance. Her most recent work, Every Night I Lose Control, consists a series of pieces in which she gradually loses control over the music and the computer takes over. These compositions explore the uneasy balance between artifice, actuality, and embodiment. She is strongly influenced by cabaret, tango, and early goth rock, and she incorporates a strong element of melodrama and theater in her performances.

She currently performs with electrocab, a trio of performers/composers who combine subversive pop and sound art into a strange beast. Her compositions have been featured in the Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar, the Festival of New Musics at Dartmouth College, the Boston CyberArts Festival, and more. Courtney is working towards a Master's in the Dartmouth Electroacoustic music program. She is the founder of Seductivism, an art movement based on the play of appearances.

// Khate //
Khate is a sound artist and circuit-bender hailing from Newport News,
Virginia. Using a menagerie of vintage, modified, and self-made
electronic instruments, she creates experimental music at turns
ambient, rhythmic, and concrete. The result is a hypnotic collage of
dark textures, static-laden beats, and bursts of electrobabble,
punctuated with unusual samples from the Vinyl Translator (a
circuit-bent turntable) and metal percussion.

// Feralcatscan //
Feralcatscan is science fiction, a romantic walk through a dystopian
wonderland, that strange array of lights hovering in the twilight, the
mad scientist caressing peculiar mechanical finery, the sound of
countless worlds falling into oblivion. Using mostly obsolete and
reverse engineered technology, this mercurial music ensemble connects
seemingly different disciplines of art, science, and spirituality,
with a delicate application the absurd. The result is that of chaos
surrendering, regrouping, and then revolting.

// Jonathan Zorn //
Jonathan Zorn is a composer/sound artist/performer currently living in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to make sounds using his voice, double bass, accordion, modular synthesizer, and computer. His compositions involve systems of interaction that exceed the control of any single participant, creating surprises for performers, audience, and composer. Jonathan maintains several ongoing collaborative projects with artists and performers around the country including Rachel Thompson, David Kendall, Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks, and Katherine Young.

// Kevin Parks //
I am originally from New York. I am graduate of the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, The City University of New York and later I received my M.A. degree from Dartmouth College.

After working briefly at iEar studios of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. NY, I moved to Seoul, Korea for many years. There, I taught computer music at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and collaborated with the Sadari Movement Lab.

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Composition and Music Technologies at The University of Virginia, where I study with Judith Shatin and Matthew Burtner. I previously studied with Charles Dodge, Curtis Bahn, Noah Creshevsky, Larry Polansky, Jon Appleton, and Christian Wolff. None these people deserve any blame for my music, but please, go ahead and blame them anyway.

I am also a member of the performance trio Pinko Communiods (with Wendy Hsu and Carey Sargent). Some areas of interest include: Computer music and computer music performance, musique concrète, tuning and timbre, American experimental music, popular musics, and Korean musics, and improvisation.

// Wendy Hsu //
Wendy Hsu is a noise maker working with electric guitar and accordion mostly. She prepares these stock instruments by putting found objects such as alligator clips, paper clips, clothespin, and felt on the instruments and plays them with bows, brushes, mallets, and other percussive objects. She plays in an improvised music trio with Carey Sargent and Kevin Parks as Pinko Communoids. She hopes to make visible/audible minority artists in improvised and experimental music. Her interests include: multimedia, collaboration, site-specific performances, performance art, noise pop, art activism, eco-noise, etc.

// Bob Holub //
Accordionist, pianist, and auto-didact guitarist living a bifurcated musical existence in creative free improvisation and pan-stylistic tuneage. (Ir)regular compadres: Rhythm Mantis - drums, percussion, melodica; Loren M. Ludwig - electric and acoustic viol da gamba; Michael Thomas Jackson - clarinet and electronics; Aaron Bachelder - drums and computer; Matt Smith - guitar, trumpet, etc.; DJ Methodikal - komputor, drummage; GSE - komputor, a.o..

Regular compadres:Thomas Gunn - gtr, vocals, dark rum; Jose Maria - vocals, gtr, good vibes; Chris Leva, Lew Burrus et al Shake Sphere - original world groovers;Organ Trio with various geetarists:Peter Richardson - gtr George Turner - gtr R. Bruce Fickley - gtr a.o.


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