Thursday, March 13, 2008

HzFM Radio Playlist!!! For 3/5 & 3/12 + Archived Audio

Playlist for March 12, 2008
Hosted By: Kenneth

[archived mp3][ ]

-Representatives of Democratic Youth of Indonesia "Djanger" (Bali) 'Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Musics (1918-1955) (Dust-to-Digital)
-T.Raumschmiere "erloesung durch strom" 'Anti' (Hefty)
-Hanyo feat. Candie Hank "Les Sucettes" 'Gift' (Geist)
-Cars Will Burn "Doom Bell Grind" 'The Contemporary Apocalypse...' (s/r)

-Ian Nagoski "Ripped Steam Hinterland" 'Effortless Battle'
-Metalux "Caligraphy Zone" 'Victim of Space'
-Fe-mail "It Becomes Her" 'Blixter Toad' (Asphodel)

-Ami Dang "Sweep The Dust" [ ]
-Mariko Sugawara "pncn2" 'Pollun Collun' (Def-Recs)
-The Kallikale Family "Bells in Bergama" 'May 23rd' (Tell All)
-Hemophiliac "Untitled 1" '50'6' (Tzadik)

-Echolalia "A long way away" 'like me like me'
-Pig Exam "50lbs of Liquifying Primate" 'Contort Thine Cells' (SNSE)
-Big City Orchestra "Arpa" 'Musical Box' (UBUIBI)
-Acheronian "Art Is Fake" 'Split 7" w/ Keith Orzeck' (KMO Records)

-Microscopic Suffering "Live at the Rendezvous" 'Split 12" w/Goly Grim'
-Thomas Phillips "White.Gray" 'v/a Montreal Sound Matter' (Pogus)

Playlist For March 05, 2008:
Hosted By: Kelly

[archived mp3][ ]

-Wolf Eyes "Rationed Rot" 'Human Animal' Sub Pop
-Oscillating Innards "The Draft (Anticipation)" 'VIII' Brise-Cul
-Sten Ove Toft/Maskinanlegg "We're Having Apartheid Tonight" NOISE2

Triple Thrash Threat from Hymns (label)
-Gaybomb untitled track 8 from split with Dead Vagina
-excerpt from Andrew Chadwick's 'Magnetic Personality'
-Ironing "Acquisition of Memory" from 'Pocket Almanac'

-Mariko Sugawara "pncn1-6:41" from Pollon Collon
-Comando Bruno "Coagula Urgent!" '.Coagula.' Defenstrated Records
-Winters in Osaka "In the Shadow of the Horns/Exiled Heathen" 'Ruins'


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