Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HzFM Radio Playlist 01.16.08

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio

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HzFM Playlist 01.16.09

[ Net-Releases are recordings provided by labels and artists dedicated to providing free quality music for the public. ]

-Cheapmachines "The Descendent" 'The Descendent' (siji) [net-release]
-Scott Smallwood "Cotton Swarm" '3 soundscapes' (siji) [net-release]
-Robertas Kundrotas & Gintas K "septyni tiltai pasaulio centre" 'septyni tiltai pasaulio centre' [net-release]
-ONO "Mess in the head" 'Cyber Junk's Not Dead' (DaDaist Audio) [net-release]
-Jesse Kudler & Jason Talbot "Live @ Ghostprint Gallery" '12.16.2007' (hzcollective archive)
-Krosot "Dove" (Smell The Stench) [net-release]

-Ting Ting Jahe "313-16-3" '18(16)' (winds measure recordings)
-Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Leisure time for max in the arteries of his past dominion" 'intransitive twenty-three v/a' (intransitive)
-Chuck Bettis "Neuromancy" 'Sonic Sigils' (Scarcelight)
-Jazzkammer "Sound of Music" 'Live in Tokyo 11.02.2001' (OHM Records)
-Twance Cop "Infinite Rave"

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