Monday, January 14, 2008


Please pass this information onto artists and labels that you know participate in providing free creative common net-releases.

Some of you may be familiar with HzCollective's experimental/noise/avant garde/etc. radio show, 'HzFM' (formerly 804noise Presents: Noise Solution). We air every Wednesday from 11pm - 1am EST out of Richmond, Virginia. We archive each show and make it available along with a playlist at [ ].

In addition to spinning cds, cdr's, cassettes, and vinyl, we would like to showcase material from artists who participate in the free music movement via net-releases on net-labels or personal self-released means. I have been exposed to some amazing free music because of net-labels and would like to educate myself and others on the excellent opportunity that this free medium poses.

Please send information / press releases to [ ] pertaining to your recordings.

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio

WEDNESDAYS | 11pm - 1am EST | 97.3FM

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Send Music To:

HzFM Radio
PO BOX 4296
Richmond, Virginia 23220

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