Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last HzFM of 2007!!!

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio

WEDNESDAYS | 11pm - 1am EST | 97.3FM

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HzFM Radio
PO BOX 4296
Richmond, Virginia 23220



-Insects with Tits untitled track from 804noise LTD5
-Harm Stryker "Cold Days" taken from 'This is who was there' Vol 1
-Andrew D'Angelo & Marty McCavitt "Wild Horses" from 'Torn Between 2 Horses' on Duration -Records
-Ghaphery/Bivens/Davis "Quite" from 'Impermanence' on Umbrella Recordings
-Caustic Castle "The People's Stoker" from '4 Daggers' 804noise LTD
-Narcotic Dreams "One Lifeless Eye" from 'Shattered' on 804noise
-WRNLRD "WRNLRD" from 'Mask of Hate' self-produced
-Daniel Menche untitled track 6 from 'Concussions' on Asphodel
-Acellera Deck untitled track 2 from 'Sunstrings' EP on Scarcelight
-Femail "Navrattan Korma" from 'Blixter Toad' on Asphodel
-Akitsa "Terre Eternelle" from split w/Prurient on Hospital Productions
-Mathieu Levesque "Nouvelle Maternite" from Monstreal Sound Matter on Pogus Productions

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