Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HzFM Playlist 12.19.2007

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HzFM Playlist 12.19.2007

-The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping" 'ZeRe Xmas Record Reloaded 2004' (Zere)
-Cobra Killer "Tenthousand Tissues" '76/77' (Monika)
-Dream Yellow Swans "Garrison" (PacRecords)
-Myo "Put Down That Thing" 'Light' (ZeroMoon)
-Ilya Monosov, Andy Hayleck, Kenneth Yates, Layne Garrett "Live 12.17.2007 @ Velvet Lounge" (unreleased live recording)
-Tetuzi Akiyama (acoustic guitar) & Jeffrey Allport (snare drum) "Hot Sun" 'Recorded July 1, 2006 @ The Western Front in Vancouver'
-Chefkirk "Untitled 12" 'Analysis of Anxieties' (Krakilsk)
-A.M. Salad "Untitled #1" 'Vivid Confusions' (SlothJinni)
-Mike Shiflet "Xenakis Youth" 'Xenakis Youth' (Carbon Records)
-Diagram A "Untitled #3" 'Go-Dead' (Self-Release)
-Spool "Untitled 2" 'Leg Assembly'
-Zach Mason "Blue" '2006.09.02' (

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