Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ambient Pancakes 1.26.2008, Charlottesville, VA

HzCollective Presents: Ambient Pancakes 1.26.2008

Pancakes is an event in conjunction with The Bridge's 'Audio January' series, which hopes to bring our community together in a light social atmosphere involving ambient and experimental music both performed live and dj'ed. Enthusiast will be invited to spend the night with artists and musicians, and between performances, have a chance to share their favorite recorded music by signing up during the event for a 30 minute spot where they will then grace the audience with their favorite in ambient and experimental music via cd, mp3 player, or vinyl. The evening will only begin to end when the sun starts to rise and the smell of vegan panacakes melds with the crisp wintry c-ville air.

Saturday January 26th
8:00pm - 9:00am
@ The Bridge
Charlottesville, VA

Performers Consist of:

Monolith Zero
Pinko Communoids
Caustic Castle + Eric Eaton
Jonathan Zorn
Layne Garrett
Amrita K Dang
Birds in the Meadow
& more TBA

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