Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Noise Solution Playlist 11.22.2007

Noise Solution Playlist 11-22-2007 | 97.3FM

Noise Solution
PO BOX 4296
Richmond, VA 23220

-Pansonic "Uranokemia" 'Osasto EP' (Mute)
-Yasushi Miura "Drizzle" 'Magnitude No.7 "Meek"' (Karidome)
-Praew Jik "Auxiliary otus Experience" 'Providence and the Pounding Fist' (Smell The Stench)
-Tetuzi Akiyama & Jeffrey Allport "Recorded July 1, 2006 at Western Front Vancouver"
-Fari Bradley "Comment" 'Women Take Back The Noise' ( )
-Idio Savant "Escape From The Trick Vans #6" 'Shakers In A Tantrum Landscape' (Artifacts)
-Big City Orchestra "Track No.3" 'Villanella' ( )
-Drums Like Machine Guns "Untitled #1" 'Split 12" with Mincemeat or Ten Speed' (Bad Master)
-Mikroknytes "Avereeder" 'Sess-Supastreng' (Kavekavity)
-Mincemeat or Ten Speed "Track No.1" 'Split 12" with Drums Like Machine Guns' (Bad Master)
-I/DEX "Evox" 'Seqsextend' (Nexsound)
-Underground Resistance "Jaguar" 'Knights of the Jaguar EP' (UR)
-Aphasic "Anthem for Doomed Youth" 'Bass & Super Sturcture'
-Sinkou Son & Kouran Kin "Songs in Grief" 'Black Mirror' (Dust to Digital)
-The Night "Track No.3" 'paper bag cdr'
-Myo "Some things i've lost, somethings I've Gained" 'MT6 Record Sampler' (MT6)
-Merzbow "155" 'Rattus Rattus' (Scarcelight)

Upcoming HzCollective Show!!!!

HzCollective Presents: NanoHz No.5 - an evening of heavy experimental drone and avant electronics, be sure to read the special message from ACRE.

Sunday December 9, 2007
@ Ghost Print Gallery (next to Lift Coffee)
220 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220
7:00 PM (SHARP)
$3 - $5 [suggested donation]

::::ACRE (Portland, OR)
[ ]

::::KILT (Chinle, AZ)
[ ]

::::JONATHAN ZORN (Charlottesville,z VA / HzCollective)


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Is there a link where I can listen to the show?