Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Noise Solution Radio 10.3.2007

-Ryfylke "Untitled No.4" 'Boknafjord' (roggbif)
-Kotra "Live @ Soundbridges Festival" 'LiveReports' (nexsound)
-The Eastern Seaboard "Living Things" 'Ghosts' (Tiger Asylum)
-Architeuthis Walks on Land "8'28" 's/t' (Set-Projects)
-Bonnie Jones "Body 1" 'Vines' (emr-records)
-Animal Collective "Peacebone" 'Strawberry Jam'
- A.M. Salad + Hal McGee "Splattered, Dripped, Tethered & Mic'd" 'Ral Plastic Trees' (SlothJinni)
-Chefkirk "slaughter , deafeathering, butchering, preperation" 'thinking about you...'
-Bastard Noise "Asphault Creature Sickness" 'Sound Engine' (PacRec)
-Bobcrane "Swansfire" 'his mighty hurricane' (inam records)
-Gaybomb "Live @ 369 Charleston, SC May 7, 2005" 'Dead Vagina/Gaybomb Split CDR' (Hymn)
-Kvik "Untitled No.1" 'Fun'
-Quivers "Song 5" 'Once There Were Some' (TigerAsylum)
-Birds in the Meadow "Lark's Wing" 'First Flash of the Day' (Duration)
-Ghaphery, Bivins, & Davis "Close" 'Impermanence' (Umbrella)

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