Friday, October 12, 2007

NanoHz No.4: 10/19 (Fri), McGuffey Art Center, CVL

NanoHz 4: 10/19 (fri) @ McGuffey Art Center, CVL

featuring Andy Hayleck - computer sounds from (Baltimore) Rachel Thompson - strings and things (San Diego) Kevin Parks - electronics and guitar (cville), Jonathan Zorn - computer (cville), Carey Sargent - percussion(cville), Wendy Hsu - guitar, accordion, and electronics (cville).

Improvised electro-acoustic duets and quartets: Andy Hayleck will perform on computer and amplified objects with Kevin Parks on guitar and electronics. Rachel Thompson's violin will combine with Jonathan Zorn's computer to form a hybrid electro-acoustic string instrument. Wendy and Carey will join forces for a percussion/guitar implosion. For the finale, four of the musicians will join together for an impromptu quartet.

8:00 PM
Cost: $5 suggested donation
McGuffy Art Center 201 Second Street, NW
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

Performers details:

Andy Hayleck (Baltimore, MD)
Andy Hayleck (b. 1972) composer/ musician and recordist. Explores the aesthetics of sound, especially regarding how sound is perceived by the ear. He uses extremes of volume, pitch, and sound complexity, and variations in change over time. For the past few years he has concentrated on using unamplified bowed metal (cymbals and saw) in performance and using contact mics, hydrophones and regular mics in recording. Although he has used a computer for many years, recently he has begun to use one live. Currently a member of Trockeneis, he recently made a solo tour of the west coast of the United States (playing the amplified gong/wire). Recordings include: "Gong/Wire" (earlids), "Various Recordings Involving Ice" (HereSee), and "The Disappearing Floor" (Recorded).

Rachel Thompson (San Diego, CA)
Rachel Thompson works with sound, video, and textiles. Her instruments of choice include the violin, two digital video cameras, and a 1970’s Brother sewing machine. She both exploits and embraces the seeming imperfections and functional peculiarities of her instruments. Rachel holds a BA and MA from Wesleyan University where she studied composition and ethnomusicology. She is a nomad.

Jonathan Zorn (Charlottesville, VA)
Jonathan Zorn makes sound using voice, viola, cello, double bass, piano, accordion, harmonica, modular synthesizer, and computer. He is interested in creating systems of interaction that exceed the control of any single participant, creating surprises for both performers and audience. Jonathan was a founding member of the Middletown Creative Orchestra and The Middletown Three. He is currently working on an MA in music composition at Wesleyan University.

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Caustic Castle said...

Awesome show! Really liked the encore Andy & Kevin performance.