Thursday, December 14, 2006

Artist Profile: Scott Allison

Scott Allison (Washington, DC): NanoHz No.6

Memeber of DC freeprov group Kohoutek - electronics, contact mics, field recordings, treated speakers, turntable, six string acoustic and electric (learning), hurdy gurdy (all badly played with little virtuostiy). Ocassionally collaborate with like minded people such as Ben Owen, Jeff Surak, Walter Gross, Andy Hayleck, Ilya Monosov, Jeff Barsky, Tyler Higgins, Damian Taylor, Bonnie Jones, Paul Pavlovich, Mpld, Ting Ting Jahe, Chris Jeely, Chris Grier, and others... Live in a dirty little house with a tar covered back yard, have some shitty carpets, a dead kombucha sponge on by the front door, some old lamps, a few skulls, an old laptop held together w/tape and currently no internet connection. Red Stripe and fine japanese beers.

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