Thursday, December 14, 2006

Artist Profile: Jesse Kudler

Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia, PA): NanoHz No.6

Jesse Kudler, born 1979, improvises on guitar, synthesizer, and electronics and makes music on the computer. He attended public school until Wesleyan University, where he studied music with Ron Kuivila, Alvin Lucier, and a little bit with Anthony Braxton, among others. He eventually became active as an organizer and performer in improvised, experimental, and electronic music, forming a regular duo with fellow student Jonathan Zorn and leading the large electronic improvising ensemble Phil Collins. Kudler has also worked as a recording engineer for various projects.

In his various travels, Kudler has performed or shared stages with Jason Soliday, Brent Gutzeit, TV Pow, Nmperign, Howard Stelzer, Jason Talbot, Jason Zeh, Kyle Bruckmann, Taiwan Deth, Lotus, PSI, Milo Fine, Ellen Weller, Marcos Fernandes, Matt Bauder, Brainpaw, Mike Shiflet, Peter B, Horse Sinister, Pauline Oliveros, Matt Weston, Hrvatski, Greg Davis, Illusion of Safety, Daniel Menche, GOD, Sixes, Jack Wright, Tomas Korber, and many others.

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