Friday, April 16, 2010

RVA///HzCollective Presents: Ignaz Schick. Keenan Lawler & Myo

HzCollective Presents: an evening of experimental and improvised music

Sunday April 18, 2010
Ghost Print Gallery
228 W. Broad St.
8:00pm [SHARP]
$3 donation

::::Ignaz Schick [ ] //// Germany
::::Myo [ ] //// Baltimore
::::R Keenan Lawler [ ] //// Louisville Kentucky

/////Artiste Biographies!


"Myo is the solo project of Cory O'Brien (b. 1980), a self taught hacker, computer musician and electro-acoustic improviser. Contact mics on polycarbonate sheets and feedback networks programmed in Pd and Max/MSP are the preferred tools. His music has been described by Vital Weekly as "louder, dirtier, gritty and angular, but still with ingredients of microsound". Other projects and collaborations include Never Work (with Kenneth Yates), Makioki Sisters (with Jeff Surak) and Clouds-Out (with video artist Jesse Hartgraves). He currently lives and works in Washington, DC."

:::::R Keenan Lawler

is a Louisville Kentucky based musician,sound artist, improviser and composer.For nearly thirty years he has been a restless explorer of sound from rock to electro- acoustic improvisation and many points in between. Since the late nineties he is best known for developing a highly idiosyncratic difficult to categorize language on the metal bodied resonator guitar fueled by minimalism,blues,asian and african musics,ancient and modern classical, psychedelia and jazz. Lawler is known for solo performances and recordings and also as a collaborator and perfomer working with a diverse range of like-minded artists among them: Matmos, Rhys Chatham ensembles, Charlambides, Pelt, My Morning Jacket, Tatsuya Nakatani,Paul K and the Weathermen,Connor Bell, Mike Tamburo and the Universal Orchestra of Pituitary Knowledge,David Watson, Helena Espvall,Lukas Ligeti, Ut Gret, Ignaz Schick, John Butcher, Christian Kiefer and Jon Mueller. Lawler's music can be found on such labels as Important,Tompkins Square,New American Folk Hero, Music Fellowship, Rebis, Eclipse and Table of the Elements who released the acclaimed,"Music for the Bluegrass States". He performs live regularly and has participated in such festivals as High Zero,Fantastic Voyagers,Time of Rivers,Transmissions,Greetings Fellow Pickers,Terrastock 7 and Table of the Elements Bohrium. His sound art has been presented in PS1 Brooklyn,Henry Art Seattle.and in Louisville via collaboration with artists Thaniel Ion Lee ,Valerie Fuchs and Russell Hulsey.


In his youth he studied the saxophone and performed in free jazz and avant rock bands. At the same time he was getting obsessed with multitrack tape machines, record players and effect boxes and he started experimenting with many different instruments and sound making devices. After college he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and worked for several years as an assistent for the contemporary composer Josef Anton Riedl.

Since the late 1995 he works and lives in Berlin where he became an active and integral force of the so-called "Berlin Nouvelle Vague" and the blossoming "real time music" scene. From the middle of the nineties onwards his interest and activities almost completely shifted towards live-electronics and after testing various instrumentations (hard- & software samplers, signal processing, contact mics, field recordings, ...) he developed his own and quite unique electro-acoustic set-up which he calls "rotating surfaces". Various objects and materials (from wood, metal, plastic, paper or violin bows and cymbals) are played directly on the rotating metal plate of the turntable and the vibrations are simply amplified with a small condensator microphone. With this set-up he covers many different styles of contemporary experimental music – ranging from extreme reductionism via ambient, industrial, musique concrete, electronica to harsh noise.

Besides his favorite setting - the direct duo-confrontation with the likes of Chris Abrahams (AUS), Andrea Belfi (I), Alexei Borisov (RUS), Sebastian Buczek (PL), Phil Durrant (GB), Gunnar Geisse (D), GX Jupitter-Larsen/The Haters (USA), Sven Ake Johansson (S/D), Andrea Neumann (D), Dawid Szczesny (PL), Martin Tetreault (CAN), Marcel Türkowsky (D) or Sabine Vogel (D) - he is member and founder of many different ensembles like Perlonex, Snake Figures Arkestra, Phosphor, Blind Snakes, Tree People, Decollage, Berlin Sound Connective, N.I.E., ....

He has collaborated with numerous international artists (most notably Don Cherry & Charlemagne Palestine) and toured and performed clubs & festivals all over Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine & the USA. He released many albums on labels like Zarek, Edition Zangi, edition x, Irrah, Potlatch, Bad Alchemy, Charhizma, Staalplaat, Nexsound, Non Visual Objects, Improvised Music From Japan, Absinth or Ambiances Magnetiques and he was part of radio/television broadcasts and productions on Arte, ORF-Kunstradio, ORF-Zeitton, BR2, DLR, DLF, WDR3, DRS2, SR, HR, Radio Copernicus, CBC Canada, (...)

Furthermore he has been curating festivals of experimental music from the early 90s onwards (FAM, Erase & Reset, Time Shifts & T.I.T.O., ...) and has been realizing with increasing intensiry sound installations and conceptual works since 2005.


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