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Sunday July 26th -- Blevin Blectum & Wobbly @ Ghostprint -- Richmond, VA

HzCollective Presents: NanoHz No.27 -- an evening of experimental and avant garde audio and visuals with...

:::: Blevin Blectum
[ of Blectum From Blechdom / Providence, RI ]

:::: Wobbly

::::Caustic Castle + Eric Eaton
[ Richmond / HzCollective ]

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Sunday July 26, 2009
Ghostprint Gallery
220 W. Broad St
Richmond, VA 23220
8PM [sharp]
$5 [suggested donation]
contact: 804-317-1938

Below we have a lot of information about Wobbly & Blevin Blectum


By Lara Christensen and Jon Leidecker, 1989
"The beauty of the earth and all its wonderful art forms make every second of life a treasure"*

Wobbly is a multi-talented artist who excels in music, painting, singing, writing, dancing and even woodworking. Once dubbed "Mr. High on Life", his colorful high energy is like electricity as it provokes intense emotion in his audience.

Wobbly is practical and youthful. He possesses charisma and magnetism. He's been a natural artist since early youth, but has restrained himself until recently, as his creative drive is pushing him to give to the world what lies inside of him. He developed himself as a portrait painter. This year, he's gone beyond that as he fulfills his philosophical nature in the avenue of music, writing and singing. He wants to live a long life and be creative. His fulfillment will not come until he's completed the full cycle of his inborn talent. His high creativity in all areas has funneled into music where he finds himself at this time, with his artistic ability as a painter having a profound effect. It appears as if his painting background shows up in his music as he paints pictures with his words. His broad background is embraced in his inspired voice.

When Wobbly sings, you know he just doesn't say words. His singing embraces the soul, enhances the meaning of each word and incites attention, emotion, imagination and suspense. He likes his music to be of broad octave ranges. He also intends his music to tell a story. He believes it's important to be somewhat well read and that one of the best ways to make his voice better is to increase his knowledge.

Wobbly is a natural. He believes in allowing creativity to flow. This belief can be compared to the difference between a trimmed bush (neat and round) and a beautiful natural bush allowed to burst forth in its best array - free to grow. He finds balance important with a proper mixture. His awareness is superb.

All in all, he is his own self and brings out the best in all he endeavors to do as he spreads his talents out across the world like beautiful flowers.Wobbly also feels that satisfaction in the arts, largely music, could be a good avenue towards peace for mankind.

"When more people experience the euphoric ecstasy that could be obtained by sampling beautiful musical selections from rock to opera, more people will be less inclined to strife."*

* Quotes by Wobbly. With kind acknowledgement of the life works of: Ken DeFeudis.
Blevin Blectum Bio:
Gular Flutter synopsis:
This live performance (laptop, voice, video, assorted electronics) is a study in slo-mo sunspots, high contrast hydraulics, Cascaded Integrator-Combing, and negative acceleration. Epic sound for distressed ifrit. Peculiar winds during the eclipse allow for the rapid cooling of the organism via evaporative water loss and convection from the mucous- covered surfaces. The metal-helmeted cascade-familiar performs fountain maintenance. Shot hot in the hills of Oakland, California.
Audio stream, Blevin Blectum guest set on The Wire's 'Adventures in Modern Music' on Resonance FM, London:


Blevin Blectum is an electronic musician. Recently relocated from the industrial armpit of Oakland, California, to the humid lovecraftian greenery of Providence, Rhode Island, Blevin released her fourth solo album, GULAR FLUTTER, on an unsuspecting public via the AAGOO label (New York, 2008). The Wire magazine (UK) chose GULAR FLUTTER as one of its top 15 Electronic records of 2008.

Blevin is perhaps best known as one half of the recently reformed and reunited groundbreaking digital duo Blectum From Blechdom, recipients of the 2001 Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in Digital Musics (for their album "The Messy Jesse Fiesta"). Blevin was a party to audio/video band SAGAN, alongside fellow e-musician Lesser, keyboardist Wobbly, and video artiste enfant terrible Ryan Junell. SAGAN released their debut CD/DVD, "Unseen Forces" on the Vague Terrain label (Matmos' vanity label), with a follow-up release, "The Resting Pleasures EP", on 333 Recordings (Oakland, CA).

Blevin produces continued electronics with a more oblique slant on the basic BFB sensation of things-not-quite-right-here, clanking, creaking grooves and anti-grooves as a coal-powered spacecraft from some steampunk parallel universe potentiality, puffing and straining as it struggles to reach escape velocity, chopped, noise-reduced and timed/stretched to the breaking/boiling point, generally fucked-with samples of everything from hand-slapped rain-drenched leaves in courtship gardens and antique broken Beatnik banks to ProTooledFree classic utterly danceable disembodied-blissful-transvestite-stand-up-comic vocals.

In May 2009 she toured Europe with Kevin Blechdom and Irene Moon's SLaughtering SLobbersville - a hyper-vaudevillian far-future carboard-costumed three-ring production - along with the likes of Ching Chong Song, Justice Yeldham, Ironing, Elisabeth King, Barnwave, and Christopher Fleeger.

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