Friday, July 24, 2009

NET-RELEASE: ctrlvlv#002 – Caustic Castle – “Untitled”

ctrlvlv#002 IS NOW READY FOR DOWNLOADING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Control Valve -

ctrlvlv#002 – Caustic Castle – "Untitled"

On "Untitled" Caustic Castle presents us with 3 of his distinct and powerful processed no-input mixer compositions.  It should be noted the Kenneth uses no multi-tracking and all tracks were recorded in 1 take.  I have had the pleasure of seeing (hearing) Kenneth play live on numerous occasions.  I am also privileged to be 1/2 of the no-input mixer duo, Insects with Tits, along side Kenneth.  I can say, without a doubt, either it being as a performer, organizer, improviser, or artist, Kenneth has been a great influence in my own approach to sound composition.

All mp3 files are high quality 320kbps.

Please take the time to download these tracks and the cover image.
Thank you.

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