Sunday, June 28, 2009

NanoHz 23 - Wilson Shook, Jonathan Zorn, Rachel Thompson, Wendy Hsu, Bob Holub

July 7th
8 PM
The Bridge
Charlottesville, VA
$5 suggested donation

HzCollective presents
NanoHz #23

Wilson Shook - alto saxophone
Jonathan Zorn - doublebass
Rachel Thompson - viola
Wendy Hsu - guitar and accordion
Bob Holub - guitar and accordion

Wilson Shook is an improvising saxophonist living in Seattle, Washington.

Wilson’s music emphasizes focus, texture, chance and exploration. It exists in dialogue with its specific and contingent contexts; it is ‘new music’ in that it explores each new moment and seeks to develop a critical awareness of the present. Perhaps better characterized as ‘present music’, it is less concerned with staking out new musical territory than it is with creating relevant and personal communication that places equal value on intention and sensitivity.

Sonically, Wilson's music is informed by lower case and minimalist aesthetics, while embracing the full range of his instrument. Always aware of balance and the fundamental importance of space, Wilson is especially interested in incidental or 'between' sounds: material that exists on the edges and in the cracks of the conventional sonic palate.

Wilson will be joined by local improvisors Jonathan Zorn and Rachel Thompson.
Wendy Hsu + Bob Holub in a dual guitar and accordion duel.
photo by Helga Hizer

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