Thursday, January 22, 2009

Call for Sound: Audio hzin February 2009

Next month, we curate a month long program devoted to the celebration of sound entitled - Audio February - at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative [] in Charlottesville, VA.

Our intention is to utilize the gallery space in creative ways to foster a sound-loving community. We have scheduled a series of events, including improvised music performances, robotics workshop, radio documentary demos, and sound installations and lectures.

A crucial part of the month is the ongoing Sound Room, an audio installation in the main gallery space over speakers, featuring sound pieces by artists from around the world. We would like for you to take part in this installation.

If you're interested, please send along a piece of your sound work in the form of a digital file (mp3, wav, aiff, etc) via email ( or other file-transferring means (such as Along with the file, please attach:

1. Text related to the track

2. Your bio and any other pertinent information

Tracks of all sort and selection are welcome. We recommend track length to be limited to 25 minutes or less.

The Sound Room will open during regular gallery hours and at points during events through out the month of February.

We look forward to hearing (from) you.

P.S. We are seeking toy horses for the Opening Reception on February 6th – (seriously.) If you have any to share or leads on good pastures – PLEASE let us know at your earliest! Thank you.

Happy 2009!

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