Friday, August 29, 2008

Lucent Phoenix Community Library! Grand Opening!

In Gallery 5's never ending pursuit to provide an open space and forum for social change and awareness, we have created the 'Lucent Phoenix' community library. A non-commercial resource center which aims to help increase dialog and facilitate that change by providing valuable space and resources not readily available elsewhere to Richmonder's. The Lucent Phoenix invites non-profit and grass roots organizations to meet and organize, present lectures, workshops, and to utilize the space for future rally's, protests, and events as a head quarters or ground zero for their cause. The Lucent Phoenix will be operated by a dedicated group of volunteers and rely on donations and grants to fill it's bookshelves.

Located in the heart of the controversial arts district of Richmond's historic black neighborhood, Jackson Ward. In an area which has been undergoing what some business owners and city leaders would call a renaissance, the Lucent Phoenix will attempt to provide the tools needed for our neighbors to fight back the negative effects of gentrification and perhaps restore some of that historical fight and culture Jackson Ward is known to have had.

We invite you to attend our grand opening and to bring reading material and other resources that you believe will help us achieve our goal as a community resource center that the Jackson Ward neighborhood and the city of Richmond can be proud to have.

Grand Opening First Friday!
September 5th, 2008
200 W. Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220

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