Friday, May 23, 2008

The Jackson Ward Peoples Resource Library!!!!

Richmond lacks a commercial-free environment for public discourse. This Summer, Gallery5 plans to convert its Blackbox Theatre into a community library, resource center and meeting space.  A place where individuals can come for educational and recreational reading, intellectual or nonsensical discussion, surf the web with free wi-fi access, or even just a place to relax over a steamy cup of coffee (donation based) and fresh baked goods. We also hope to provide a public meeting area for local area activist and organizations to gather that's more inviting than commercial establishments and living rooms. Freely take advantage of these resources during normal business hours.


Donating Books For Discounted Admission:


In order to provide this resource, we'll be donating books from our collective personal libraries, but we'd also like to extend the invitation to others. We'll be collecting books for the library in exchange for discounted admission to Gallery5 events and alcoholic beverages.  Aside from books, we are also looking for bookshelves, stereo systems, coffee tables, sofas, chairs, wall paint, coffee makers, mugs, and most of all ...Volunteers.


Here is a list of reading material we hope to provide in the library:


Art History
Art Educational
Literature Essays
Classic Literature
Instructional / D.I.Y.
Richmond History
Music History
Local History
Graphic Novels
D.I.Y. Zines

Types of books we don't want:
Genre Fiction: romance novels, mystery/horror, science fiction, war/espianage fiction. 
Self Help Books. 

Amanda Robinson 
Executive Director
200 West Marshall Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220

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