Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HzCollective Presents: NanoHz No.12 Whole Noise @ The Bridge, CVL, 5/3/08

NanoHz No. 12: Whole Noise
- HzCollective and The Bridge PAI present an evening of organic electronic sound, video, light, improvisations, and food - featuring:

Pinko Communoids (improv trio, CVL) + Chia Chi Charlie Chang (video art, DC/Taipei)
Caustic Castle (no-input, RVA) + Clifford Schwing (sax, RVA)
Conner Lacy (multimedia installation, CVL)
DJ Kook (records, CVL)

7pm (Sat) May 3, 2008
The Bridge PAI
209 Monticello Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
suggested donation $5

This evening will begin with a DJ'ed set by DJ Kook and a reception of homemade foodstuffs generously provided by Sonia Hsu and Han-Hua Chang. Live sound-video performances will follow the festivities.

artist biographies:

// Caustic Castle //
> listen/video/read:
Caustic Castle is Kenneth Yates, also of the duo's Harm Stryker (w/ Constant Mauk) & Insects With Tits (w/ Chefkirk). Kenneth Yates utilizes the no-input mixing technique coupled with live processing using various filters and pedals. With his music usually comes an abstract visual fascination with architecture and is psyhogeographical effects on the human psyche. Inspired by past revolutionary art and social movements like DaDa & the Situationiste Internationale, he struggles to find a parallel between art, sound & social unrest, or just perhaps provide a sort of soundtrack to it all.

// Chia Chi Charlie Chang //
> view:
Chia-chi Charlie Chang, born in Taipei, Taiwan and has lived in Virginia since 2000, is an image artist primarily working with the medium of photography. Inspired by the modern life, particularly the contrast between the urban and suburban lifestyle, sound, and music, she makes art that exudes a sense of the familiar while displaying a vague, uncertain, dreamlike visual experience, and evoking a hidden memory or a fragment of past experiences.

// DJ Kook //
"DJ.k00k" can usually be heard spinning the apocalyptic stompy music at The Dawning, when he's not terrorizing the flyering boards around town with Charlottesville-centric culture jams. besides a stint at 16 at a Top 40 station (!) and many years working in record stores, he was also involved in starting the weekly goth/industrial night in Richmond known as Sacrosanct. he is always looking to spin events outside that genre as well, as oppurtunities to play the many other kinds of music he loves and archives. his madness may be stalked at

// Conner Lacy //

// Clifford Schwing //
Clifford Schwing (b 1985) Uses the saxophone as a strarting point, base of operations; it is the window that he works through, not the instrument he plays. While previous perfomances have found him using the saxophone in what can be called a "traditional" way, his recent work has been focused on the use of the saxophone as a sound object rather than a musical instrument. This has led to the use of pure feedback created either by the saxophone or the room which the microphone occupies. His recent work wishes to decentralize the self so as to allow a feedback between "performer", "audience", and the actual physical space which they occupy. He has collaborated/performed with: Robert Bryant, Kenneth Yates (Caustic Castle), Jimmy Ghaphery, Tim Harding, Pat Lawrence.

// Pinko Communoids //
> listen/view/read: |
Pinko Communoids is an improvisational trio based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The trio consists of Carey Sargent, Kevin Parks, and Wendy Hsu. We create both free and structured improvisations using conventional instruments including guitars, accordions and percussion, found objects, circuits, microphones, and other electronics. We enjoy the quiet interplay of small sounds and often employ a restrained sonic palette of diverse timbres. Though we like occasional loud cathartic noisy workouts, we play at appropriate volumes and always invite our audience to savor our sounds without ear plugs. Our recent explorations have led us to investigate aspects of tuning and timbre and the relationship between the two.

Since forming in 2006, the Pinko Communoids have given over 30 performances both locally and abroad, including a tour of Taiwan’s major cities in Summer 2007. We have been on various 804noise showcases, Sonic Circuits, Noise in the System, Technosonics and various other concert series and recently helped curate a series entitled Audio January at The Bridge PAI, in Charlottesville VA.

Pinko Communoids have collaborated with artists including Jonathan Zorn, Kenneth Yates (Caustic Castle), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (of 12 Dog Cycle), Aurie Hsu, Lee Alter (watercolorist), and Chia Chi Charlie Chang (photographer/videographer).

We aim to bring together community improvisers and noise musicians through organizing performances, workshops, and events with organizations and venues such as WeArts, and The Bridge PAI. We also promote translocal and international exchange through 804noise and HzCollective, organizing shows for touring artists such as Arturas Bumuateinas (Warsaw, Poland), Antanas Jasenka (Lithuania), Cheapmachines (UK), Iris Garrelfs (UK), Jeff Surak/Violet (Washington D.C.), Rachel Thompson (San Diego, CA), Andy Hayleck (Baltimore, MD), Kioku (NewYork, NY), Vslykon (Oakland/Tokyo), aka Dang (Baltimore), Sadjeljko (New York, NY), Harmstryker (Richmond, VA), and others.

For info: |

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