Friday, January 11, 2008

Improvising with Trains

I'm organizing a collaborative project featuring live sounds by the Buckingham train family. The process of the project is detailed by my blog Train Sound. The project's goal is to organize a real-time performance involving local and regional musicians who will improvise on-site with a Buckingham train and the performance will be documented to form the "ImprovTrain" series.

As of now, I'm working on generating individual interest and organizational support. So far, several musicians from HzCollective and faculty and graduate students at the McIntire Department of Music at University of Virginia, as well as community art groups such as the Bridge and Monkey Claus have shown interest and support. My hope is that with enough community backup, I can convince the train company to collaborate with us in making the event happen. If you are interested in participating or helping with the project, please contact me at

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