Monday, January 14, 2008

pictures: SuperBasic, 1/13/08

Super Basic went really well. The improvisers who sat in at the session were Marty McCavitt (keyboards), Brian Jones (percussion + drums), Jimmy Grapherty (saxophone + flutes), Bob Holub (accordion + guitar), Matt Wyatt (percussion + drums), and Wendy Hsu (electric guitar + accordion).

The music generated at the session was terrific. And audience (thought sparsed) was really into it. Sound and video recording of the session will be posted shortly. Here are some pictures taken by Greg of the Brige PAI.

from left to right: Wendy Hsu, Bob Holub, Matt Wyatt, Brian Jones, Marty McCavitt, and Jimmy Grapherty (in the front).


Wendy - check out the bandaged finger!

More pictures by Greg.