Friday, January 25, 2008

HzFM Radio Playlist & Archived MP3 --- 01.23.2008

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio

HzFM Radio Playlist 1.23.2008
Hosted by: Kelly Nourse & Justin

-Patric C "Commando" 'Hitler 2000' DHR
-Pedestrian Deposit "Textile" 'Fatale' Hospital
-Silver Mount Zion - "sit in the middle of three galloping dogs" 'Troubled as the Sparks Fly Upward'
-Portugal. The Man - "showing teeth" - demo - Fearless
-Sound of Animals Fighting - "My horse must lose" - - Equal Vision
-Animal Collective "did you see the words" - Feels -
-Crumer "Shame" 'Future with No Chance' RRRecords
-The Books "An Animated Description of Mr Maps" 'Lost and Safe'
-Walks on Land ""
-YKK "Portabella" 'Forever Unreleased Tracks'
-Panther Skull track 1 'Slothwave'
-Double Muslims "Error of Menace"
-Explosions in the Sky "A Poor Man's Memory" 'Those Who Tell the...'
-Gang Gang Dance "Egowar" 'God's Money'
-Metalux "Sunny Krakow" 'Victim of Space'
-Portugal. The Man - "The Pines" - limited b side(clear red) - Fearless
-Narcotic Dreams featuring Ace of Base I saw the Ascension custom mix
-Sickness "Absolution" 'At the End of The Rope' Chondritic Sound
-Immaculate Grotesque "Attrition" 'At the End of The Rope' Chondritic Sound

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio

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