Thursday, January 3, 2008

HzFM Playlist 01.02.2008

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Playlist for 12.02.2008

-Mammal "Drifter In the City" 'Lonesome Drifter'
-Fe-mail "Skylubb fra Haelvete" 'Skylubb fra Haelvete' (Tevefeme)
-Eric la casa "ici" 'Twenty-Three' (intransivitive)
-John Wiese "Recorded Hologram" 'Soft Punk' (Troubleman Unlimited)
-Jazkamer & Smegma "Portland Swamps" 'Endless Coast' (No Fun)
-Birchville Cat Motel "Track 8" 'With Maples Ablaze' (Scarcelight)
-Darsombra "drag the carcass" 'ecdysis' (At A Loss Recordings)
-Drums like Machine Guns "Untitled No.2 " 'Split 12" with Mincemeat or Tenspeed' (Bad Master)
-Fennesz "A Year in a Minute" 'Endless Summer' (MEGO)
-Howard Steltzer & Jason Talbot "Side 1" 'Four Sides' (C.I.P.)
-Accelera Deck "Pop Polling" 'Pop Polling' (Scarcelight)
-Mr. Stonecipher "Stroke" '910noise Compilation' (910noise)
*Pacific Before Tiger "In Silver" (LIVE in the STUDIO)
-Idio Savant "Escape from Trick Vans" 'Shakers in a Tantrum Landscape' (Artifacts)
*Pacific Before Tiger "In Rust" (LIVE in the STUDIO)
-Alec Empire "God Told Me How To Kiss" 'Hyper Modern Jazz 2000.5' (Mille Plateaux)
*Pacific Before Tiger "In Magnesium" (LIVE in the STUDIO)
-Anla Cortis "Rastrillo - Termotanque (1995)" 'Tape Works' (Pogus)
-Birds in the Meadow "The Diamond Smiles at the Twilight" 'First Flash of the Day' (Duration)
-John Cage "Sonata X" 'Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Paino (1946-48) (American Classics)

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