Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Noise Solution Playlist 11.07.2007

Noise Solution Playlist 11.07.2007
Wednesdays 11pm - 1am | 97.3FM

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-Public Image Ltd. "Socialist" 'Second Edition'
-Brian Osborne "Iae, tired of darkness, thoughts begin to crescent"
'Music Concatenate for percussion'
-The Caution Curves "Leslie" 'The Caution Curves' (Intiatiated Eye Recordings)
-Scorn "Dreamspace (Coil - Shadow vs. Executioner)" 'Elispses' (Scorn)
-Autechre "Slip" 'Amber'
-Commando-Z "Decend the Dungeon" 'Joystick Required'
-Lafferera "Let's Start" (demo)
-Still "Once Confronted" 'Remains' (Public Guilt)
-Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko "Don't You Remember" 'There Was No
End' (nexsound)
-Caustic Castle "Static Attack" 'Static Attack' Net-Release (Zeromoon Records)
-Chefkirk "Untitled 14" 'analysis of anxieties' (Krakilsk)
-Merzbow "Soft Water Rhinoceros" 'Tauro Machine' (Release)
-Jon Appleton "Otahiti" 'Appleton Syntonic Menagerie 2' (phonomena)

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