Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noise Solution Playlist 11-14-2007

Noise Solution 11/14/07

It's payday. I'm broke.

Pedestrian Deposit "Mascara" from Fatale on Hospital
The Kallikale Family "Bells in Bergamo" from May 23rd on Tell-All Records
Craig Colorusso "b Minor 9817"
Asthmatic "Digging a Well"
Carlos Giffoni "Bellua Resurrectio"
Chad Oliveiri "On The Radio"
Gastric Female Reflex "Tough Crowd" Device
Entente Cordiale "A New Alliance"
Foot and Mouth Disease "xxiif"
CockESP "Train Ride Home"
Blood and Bone Orchestra "Arbitrary Distance"
Mikroknytes "Sonerone"
Insects with Tits untitled
Aaron Dilloway "Beggar Master/Prayer Flush"
Metalux "Sunny Krakow"
Devillock "Weigh Forever"
Daniel Menche untitled 6:05

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