Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Noise Solution Playlist

Noise Solution Radio
Wednesday 11pm - 1am
97.3FM |

Playlist For: 10.17.2007

-Caution Curves "Lemons" 'Caution Curves' (Initiated Eye Recordings)
-Sonic Subjunkies "Destroy" 'Live @ the Suicide Club' (DHR)
-Burning Star Core "The Universe is Designed To Break Your Mind" 'Blood Lightning' (NoFun Productions)
-Mammal "Someday" 'Let Me Die' (Animal Disguise)
-keiichiro shibuya + norbert moeslang + toshimaru nakamura "Track 6" 'Atak Night 2, 3.14.2006' (Atak)
-Caustic Castle "Knives & Daggers" 'S/T' (804noise Ltd.)
-John Weise & Merzbow "Multiplication" 'Track #2' (Misanthropic Agenda)
-Koff Kirk "Untitled #4" 'A Practical Guide To Personal Serinity' (Organic Pipeline)
-Graduation Trio: Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, & Carlos Giffoni "Custom" (
-To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie "With Brass Songs They Will Descend" 'The Patron' (Kranky)
-Dub 1 "Spain" 'RUE: Composite.001' (Richmond Underground Experimental)
-Monolith Zero "Template 237864" 'Monolith Zero / Never Presence Forever' (804noise)
-Can't "Messy Mystery" 'New Secret" (RRRecords)
-Bonnie Jones "Body 2" 'Vines' (emr)
-The Horrible Plans of Flex Busterman "Crack the Safe" 'Horrible Plans..." (DHR)
-Pan Sonic "Kuu" 'Aaltopiiri'
-Wolf Eyes "Dead in a Boat" & "Stabbed in the Face" 'Burned Mind' (Sub Pop)
-Silversun Pickups "Well Though Out Twinkles" & "Checkerd Floor" 'Carnavas'

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