Saturday, October 20, 2007

Noise in the System: a non-Hz event

WeArts (World and Experimental Arts) presents Noise in the System III, 11/2/07, CVL

featuring: Scott Barton, Steve Kemper, Troy Rogers, Lanier Sammons, Yuri Spitsyn, Peter Traub, Jonathan Zorn
Pinko Communoids
Birds in the Meadow (RVA)


About WeArts:
The World and Experimental Arts Group (WeArts) seeks to promote a vibrant and visible community of dancers and musicians working in the scope of cultural and experimental arts. Alongside the characteristics that distinguish a region's cultural arts from another, there also exists fluidity and intersection between them. Through interdisciplinary, multi-media, and cross-cultural collaboration, WeArts fosters works that explore this broad and complex spectrum. Projects range from traditional dance and music concerts to adventurous collaborations integrating diverse disciplines with a sensibility that boundaries can become indistinguishable. Through classes, performance, collaboration, and outreach, WeArts strives to engage a diverse audience, advance the appreciation of the arts, and centralize the world and experimental arts community in Charlottesville. WeArts is Fire in the Belly Dance Company, Noise in the System, and Mou’a Vahine Polynesian Dance Company.

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