Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NanoHz No.2: experimental electronics @ Camel, RVA

Wednesday September 19, 2007
@ The Camel
1621 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220

The HzCollective Presents: an evening of experimental and avant garde
electronics from touring artists who are participating in D.C.'s Sonic
Circuits 2007 festival [ http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org/2007 ]

::::Cheapmachines (london/electronics/tapes/field recordings/laptop)
::::Polyphasic (west virginia/ambient/minimal)
::::Caustic Castle + Jason Talbot (rva/no-input/processing/musique concrete) + visuals by Eric Eaton
::::Pinko Communoids + Aurie Hsu (charlottesville improv avant garde)

Philip Julian (London) has been an active part of the experimental music
underground since the late 1990's recording various works under the name
Cheapmachines which operates at the interface between noise electronics,
generative software, field recordings, tape music and long-form drones.

Contact microphones, amplified metal objects, domestic radio receivers,
instrument effects pedals, environmental/found sounds, tape loops, damaged
electrical devices, analogue synthesizers, turntables & "prepared" vinyl,
[ http://myspace.com/cheapmachines ]

Polyphasic are a two-piece and produce their live set with reel-to reel
machines, weird old synths, scanners, mixers, ect. Its somewhat composed
but elements of improvisation are unavoidable
[ http://myspace.com/polyphasic ]

Caustic Castle is Kenneth Yates, also of the duo's Harm Stryker (w/
Constant Mauk) & Insects With Tits (w/ Chefkirk). Kenneth Yates utilizes
the no-input mixing technique coupled with live processing using various
filters and pedals. With his music usually comes an abstract visual
fascination with architecture and is psyhogeographical effects on the
human psyche. Inspired by past revolutionary art and social movements like
DaDa & the Situationiste Internationale, he struggles to find a parallel
between art, sound & social unrest, or just perhaps provide a sort of
soundtrack to it all.
[ http://myspace.com/causticcastle ]

Performs and records solo, modifying a single turntable with minimal
preparations to create a cascading wall of noise and subtle, creaking
musique concrete.
[ http://myspace.com/jasontalbot ]

Pinko Communoids is an improvisational trio based in Charlottesville, VA. We make abstract and restrained noises using circuit-bent and stock electronic gizmos, guitars, percussion, microphones, paperclips, screws, ping pong balls, amps & more.
[ http://pinkos.info ]
[ http://myspace.com/pinkocommunoids ]

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