Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HzCollective Presents: NanoHz No.8, CVL, 1.25.2008

HzCollective Presents NanoHz No.8: an evening of restrained and lush improvised noises by an international electro-acoustic lineup. The event is sponsored by The Bridge as a part of the Audio January series.

8pm, Friday, 1.25.08
The Bridge in Belmont, across from Spudnut
205 Monticello Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
suggested donation $3-$5

Vslykon (Oakland/Tokyo) + aka Dang (Baltimore)
Sadjeljko (NY)
Pinko Communoids (CVL)
Shrey Tone (CVL)

sadjeljko = the duo of Doron Sadja and Zeljko McMullen, both
proprietors of Brooklyn, NY's Paris London New York West Nile.
Sadjeljko plays music that is serene, yet disturbing - much like a
pristine garden in the midst of an air raid. Beautiful noise
whispered softly on the wings of a wall of guitars heard from miles
away. Sounds and more info @ www.shinkoyo.com &

vslykon = Ayako Kataoka from Tokyo, Japan & Travis Johns from
Oakland, Ca. Late night dream music for sleepwalkers, insomniacs and
other temporally displaced individuals. Synchronized field recordings
mix with test oscillators, electronics, voices and percussion to form
distant memories of a dream slowly fading upon waking. Sounds/info @

aka Dang
aka Dang = Amrita K. Dang from Baltimore, MD projects alternating
particles of Indian and American sounds through sitar, vocals, and
electronics. A mix of prayers and spells, the hopeful and the dismal,
animate and inanimate. See/hear at www.myspace.com/amritakd.

Pinko Communoids
Pinko Communoids is an improvisational trio based out of Charlottesville, VA. We are affiliated with various experimental musicians, groups, and collectives on the East Coast of the US. Specifically, we are a part of HzCollective and 804noise. We have toured Taiwan and other East Coast cities in the US. We make abstract and restrained noises using circuit-bent and stock electronics, guitars, accordions, percussion, microphones, paperclips, screws, ping pong balls, amps & more. More: pinkos.info | myspace.com/pinkocommunoids

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