Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Artist Profile: Nernes/Skagen

Nernes/Skagen (Norway)

In 2006 Kjetil Nernes and Stian Skagen started collaborating, their aim was to bring Nernes' noiserock band Årabrot further into the experimental Noise genre, looking for a unifying sonic expression between hard Melvins like riffing and Burzum wise structures, layered upon Skagen's drones and electronic soundscapes. The result became an Årabrot [concept.virus] ABS.NEG EP. As a side project, NERNES/SKAGEN started to develop and shape the sound of what was to come in future releases by the collaboration Årabrot [concept.virus]. Inspired by artists such as Glenn Branca, Tony Conrad and Pauline Oliveros, the song Ad undas took shape. On the West-coast of Norway, Ad undas is referred to as a state beyond. Out of memory. Where the self is controlled by the drift of primal human behavior. Unpredictable. Logical paradoxes. And this is what NERNES/SKAGEN wants to pull in under their control, a sound phenomenon, rising from the depths of minds beyond. A glimpse into a world forgotten, or not yet discovered. A sacrifice in the cave of darkness. Reaching for truth outside logic.

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