Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Artist Profile: Antanas Jasenka

Antanas Jasenka (Lithuania): NanoHz No.1

ANTANAS JASENKA (b. 1965) Lithuanian electronic music composer and sound artist. In 2002 his work “Deusexmachine” received an award by Lithuanian Composer’s Union for the best electroacoustic music composition, and was later released by Electroshock Records and broadcasted on radio stations worldwide. In addition to his activity in the academic electroacoustic music field, Antanas Jasenka is a works in the independent experimental electronic music scene happily creating electronic noise. He has composed music for animated cartoons, movies and theatre together with the following directors: Gytis Padegimas, Oskaras Korsunovas, Mantas Verbiejus and others. His works are released not only in Lithuania, but also by European, Russian, USA and Canadian companies. The compositions of Jasenka have been performed in many European countries as well as in USA, it broadcasted all over the world (Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.). The composer has taken part abroad in various multimedia projects with artists such as: Ralf Wehowsky, Jim O. Rourke, Brume, Achim Wollscheid, Toshiya Tsunoda, John Duncan, Ryoji Ikeda, Merzbow, The Hafler Trio, Atrac, Arturas Bumsteinas, Raimundas Eimontas, Darius Ciuta, Orlandas Narusis, Gintas K, Dziugas Katinas, Skardas and others.

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