Friday, March 9, 2007

Artist Profile: Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown (Lebanon, NH): NanoHz No.11

Courtney Brown is a composer, vocalist, accordionist, and computer programmer using electronics to question the boundaries of performance. Her most recent work, Every Night I Lose Control, consists a series of pieces in which she gradually loses control over the music and the computer takes over. These compositions explore the uneasy balance between artifice, actuality, and embodiment. She is strongly influenced by cabaret, tango, and early goth rock, and she incorporates a strong element of melodrama and theater in her performances.

She currently performs with electrocab, a trio of performers/composers who combine subversive pop and sound art into a strange beast. Her compositions have been featured in the Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar, the Festival of New Musics at Dartmouth College, the Boston CyberArts Festival, and more. Courtney is working towards a Master's in the Dartmouth Electroacoustic music program. She is the founder of Seductivism, an art movement based on the play of appearances.

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