Monday, November 20, 2006

Artist Profile: Acre

Acre (North Dakota/Seattle, WA): NanoHz No.5

hey all! ACRE hails from the nw U>S>..via north dakota!.....ACRE plays heavy minimal drones by way of feedback from equalizer pedals and reverb creating a minimal but massive wall of sound.similar to the likes of phil niblock,sonic boom,and earth.I also spent the last 5 years in olympia washington playing in the power drone duo DEAD.WEATHER.RADAR,the black metal lords of lightspeed(pre wolves in the throneroom/post behead the prophet),and booking noise/ experimental shows at the historic lucky 7 house. Acts included,burning starcore,growing,yellowswans,john weise,gerritt,sixes,2673,jason zeh,opencity,twig harper,the whip,prurient,cant,pcrv,crank sturgeon,emil beaulieu, thrones,and so many others !...ACRE was also involved in the short lived exploder tapes label. my alter ego Aaron davis is currently playing bass in the bay area band gowns.

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