Monday, October 2, 2006

Artist Profile: C. Spencer Yeh

C. Spenser Yeh (Cincinnati, OH): NanoHz No.3

Born 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan, moved to the US in 1980, and now based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. C. Spencer Yeh is active both as a solo and ensemble artist, as well as with his primary organized sound project, Burning Star Core. As an improviser, Yeh has been focused on developing a personal vocabulary using violin, voice, and electronics. Though those are his preferred methods, Yeh believes that an ideal player should be able to tackle most any instrument or object to create sound of interest, through focus and listening.

Collaborative partners over the years have included Double Leopards, Comets on Fire, John Olson (of Wolf Eyes and Dead Machines), Hair Police, Thurston Moore's Dream/Aktion Unit, the Hototogisu, Pengo, Pete Nolan (of Magik Markers), Jessica Rylan, Larry Marotta, and others. When possible, Yeh plays in a trio with Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty, as a guest member of Graveyards, and with Gordy Horn, a Cincinnati-based improv group led by Tim Schwallie of BPA and Wolverton Brothers. Yeh has toured up and down both coasts and the Midwest, and has made appearances at the Victoriaville, High Zero 2005, Avantronics, the Destijl/Freedom From and the No Fun festivals. He plans to make select appearances at festivals in the UK and Europe in Spring '06.

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